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Thoughts on the House Wren
Jul 04, 2019

The House Wren verifies the veracity of the old saying, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

If you value loyalty and consistency, House Wrens could well become the darlings of your yard or park. This wren is a creature of habit, frequenting the same trees or bushes or shrubs each day. For much of the spring, the birds perch in the same trees (at times the same branch) to call.

If, however, you want bright and colorful yard birds, the House Wren's subtle pale coloring will seem drab. And its primary call is a stream of rapid-fire staccato notes that can start to grate on the ears. 

I leave to the viewer whether to declare the House Wren a beauty of the backyard or backwoods. Personally, I welcome that staccato call each spring.


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