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The Backstory

Thank you for visiting my photo gallery!

I started in photography as a photojournalist taking black and white photos and inhaling fumes in a darkroom. After a change in vocation, I took a lengthy leave of absence from looking at life through a lens. Instagram rekindled my fascination with photography, leading me to explore 35mm digital imagery. 

When you visit my exhibits, I want to suspend time, if even for a few moments. Once inside the exhibits, I hope you experience curiosity or wonder, inspiration or intrigue. Click on the images for stories behind the photos. For me, the photographs act as touchstones for retracing explorations and adventures.

My goal is to update the Current Exhibit each Friday. The "best of the best" photographs from the Current Exhibit are placed in one of the permanent exhibits. 

Thanks again for being my guest, 

Kevin Wilson

About this Website

The platform for this website is Pixpa, which was created specifically for creatives who want to design and maintain their own websites. 

The headline font is Spinnaker. 

The black, white and gray design is a tip of the cap to my early days as a photojournalist, where I worked exclusively in black and white photography.  

The photographs for "The Backstory" and "About this Website" were taken in Oak Creek Canyon in central Arizona.